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Lawn Strip

we are Green Masters,

bringing you a yard we can both be proud of.

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Our five step program...

  • contains balanced rate fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent.

  • balanced rate of fertilizer, weed control as needed, with optional grub control.

  • slow release fertilizer, weed control as needed.

  • repeat slow release fertilizer, weed control as needed.

  • balanced rate fertilizer for winter preparation.


ATTENTION homeowners!

Best results will occur with at least 1 inch of water per week and a minimum mower height of 3 inches.

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The Japanese beetle has caused damage to many of our landscapes. We cannot prevent leaf damage from the beetle, but we can limit the grub damage to your lawn.



  • relieves soil compaction

  • allows air, water, and nutrients into the root system

  • thickens turf

We offer OVERSEED for your lawn with or without aeration. Please call for a quote.

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